Remodeling a home to accommodate people with special needs should not be undertaken without extensive research
and consultation involving the disabled person, concerned family members, physicians, therapists, caregivers and support
organizations - anyone whose insights and advice can help lead to the best choices among all of the options.

Some relatively easy modifications that can help make a house more accessible include installing, replacing or
relocating: bathroom grab bars; door, drawer and cabinet hardware; offset door hinges; and light switches, so that they are
easily reached and operated. Slip resistant floors may also be needed.

More involved renovations might be needed for wheelchair users. These may include roll-in showers, doorway
modifications, and wheelchair ramps or lifts. When deciding what works best for your home, keep in mind the following

  • Walk through or have the person with special needs go through the area several times to ensure that you haven't
    overlooked anything
  • Safely attach equipment, such as grab bars, to the walls. You may have to open the wall to install blocking.
  • Pay close attention to color schemes and low maintenance  finishes. For example, users with limited vision, should
    avoid low contrast colors on grab bars, wall switches and shower controls. Such as white grab bars in a white shower.
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Don’t let well meaning relatives, in-experienced contractors or handymen
improperly install accessibility and safety items, which could lead to un-
useable or un-safe equipment.

Homepro Inc. will properly and safely install most accessibility and safety items.
Many of them can be either temporary or permanent.
At Homepro we take personal pride in our customer’s safety and satisfaction.