Wood rots. Solid surfaces such as wood, concrete or aluminum allow water to form dangerous ice or water film.  
AMRAMP  surface has a gripping, open mesh design that allows water to pass through.
AMRAMP  does not require excavating you yard. Most ramps are installed in less than 1 day.
Permanent ramps devalue your property on resale.  AMRAMP  has value or can be resold or donated to churches or hospice programs.
Permanent ramps may require significant cost upon removal.
Permanent ramps require building permits. The permit process involves taxable re-evaluation of your home.
AMRAMP Is not a permanent ramp, (rather patented new technology), and it does not require a permit.
Homepro is a proud authorized installer of AMRAMP AMERICA'S LEADING RAMP

Custom Wheelchair Ramps

No Minimum Size or Rental Period
Removable, not attached or built into home or lot

Non-slip Ramp Surface
Durable, non-skid mesh steel ramp grips tires and is safer than wood, allowing rain to pass thorough to prevent puddles. Black finish promotes defrosting.
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AMRAMPAMRAMP  vs.  Competition
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