R e s t o r a t i o n s
and R e h a b s
Please note that we are
currently working on this
But just as a sneak
preview here are some
finished after  shots of
the Roger Place Rehab
When done this page will have
many more photo's of before,
during and after shots.
The pictures below are just a
few shots of one of four
units that have been
completely gutted and
remodeled during the two
and half years spent on this
This building started as a
grocery store with two
apartments above. But now
are two additional luxury,
one bedroom apartments on
the first floor with the two
original but newly restored
and modernized apartments
on the second floor.
Even though much attention
was given to modernizing
these apartments with
updated electrical, plumbing,
HVAC systems, alarms, new
windows, and modern
appliances. Just as much
detail went into trying to
retain some of the
architectural and periodic
features as well, with both
new and old items.
Just to mention a few of the
visible features in these
The main front store windows
had been removed over time
and plywood walls with
small aluminum storm
windows had been placed
where at one time surely
beautiful old windows had
been, and with no old photo's
to know what the original
store front looked like,
windows that where
periodically correct for the
era were installed, including
opening transom windows
above each of the larger
fixed panes of glass.
The exposed brick wall that
you see pictured was also
originally a large window
opening that at sometime
during the past one hundred
years had been bricked in,
but after much convincing on
our part were able to
convince the owner to leave it
The transom windows over the
door to the right of the
kitchen is actually an old
window that was removed
from elsewhere in the
building when the new
windows were installed
throughout the building, but
instead of sending them all
to a dump we worked them
into the plan, as well the old
closet doors were reclaimed
and reused to keep some of
the old intact, as well as
control cost.
So please enjoy what
pictures we have posted here
and check back often to see
many more before, during and
after shots.
Please note that we are currently working on this page.
But just as a sneak preview here are two photographs
taken from the same view point, and below are a few
more finished shots and a brief history of the project.